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Muhammed Demircan

Muhammed Demircan is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne, where he conducts research on smart information systems for sustainable electricity and mobility systems at Professor Wolfgang Ketter’s Chair for Information Systems for Sustainable Society. 

Muhammed holds a BSc & MSc in (Econo-)Mathematics from the University of Cologne, which he completed in 2017. In addition to his master’s degree, he also completed simultaneously a degree in Information Systems (BSc). During his second bachelor’s degree, he was awarded the RISE DAAD scholarship and did a research internship at the Yale University in 2016. 

Muhammed has gained profound knowledge in machine learning and software engineering while being an intern at IBM (Technology), Generali Risk Management (Insurance) and KPMG. After his studies, he joined a data science startup focusing on machine learning for public security as a Data Scientist. Apart from data science work his main focus was on distributed software systems and architecture.  

In 2019 Muhammed joined Professor Ketter’s Chair at the University of Cologne where he focuses his research on how data science and machine learning can be leveraged to facilitate a sustainable energy and mobility future. 

Muhammed is a tutor for the Master’s course in “Analytics and Applications” (AA), „Advanced Analytics and Applications“ (AAA) and the bachelor course „Grundzüge der Informatik“ (GWI). He also supervises Bachelor and Master theses in his areas of expertise.