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Winter Semester / Wintersemester

Analytics and Applications (M. Sc.)

Welcome to Analytics and Applications [AA]. This course and the accompanying reading materials aim to provide you with knowledge and skills required for data analytics using information systems that drive business success. 

This course is about extracting useful knowledge from data. It covers the fundamental principles and concepts that underly data science and machine learning. We are going to avoid an algorithm-centered approach whenever possible, instead focusing on the selection and application of techniques, and the interpretation of results. We will study data science in a business context, i.e., we will mostly work with examples, case studies and data that are relevant for business.

It is highly advisable to have some prior knowledge about programming. Skills in specifics such as machine learning are not required. All required skills will be developed during the course.
You should have a general interest in modern analytical approaches and in studying data. We expect you to be willing to learn new concepts and techniques as they become relevant.