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Prof. Dr. Christian Tode

Curriculum Vitae

Christian Tode was postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany (from 2018 to 2019). He worked for Information Systems for Sustainable Society (Chair Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter) and the Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar (Chair Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Bettzüge). He has developed a research group on “Economics and Computer Science”, which he will also lead.

In 2010, he received his Diploma in Power Systems Engineering at the Clausthal University of Technology. Between 2010 and 2011 he held a DAAD post-gradual scholarship for business, culture and language studies in Tokyo, Japan. He returned to Germany after the Fukushima incident and started working at the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne and ewi Energy Research & Scenarios. He received his PhD in Economics in 2016 with his work “How the Behavior of Consumers and Firms Influences the Effectiveness of Policy Instruments Tackling Climate Change. Three Essays in Economics”. 

Working at ewi Energy Research & Scenarios he gained seven years of professional experience in consulting and applied research for companies from many European countries.

Christian Tode’s research interest are in industrial organization/industrial economics, computer science and economics, business economics and strategy, bounded rationality, regulation as well as energy and resource economics.